It’s starting to feel a bit Squatchy.

Like the rest of you, I’m a firm believer in “Bigfoot”. I especially like the Animal Planet show,¬†Finding Bigfoot. Where the folks from the BFRO, (that’s the Bigfoot Field Research Organization) for all you noobs, spend countless hours chasing down very real and totally legitimate sightings of Sasquatch.

A few members of my family do not appreciate the show nor do they understand my absolute dedication to the belief that Bigfoot exists. To them I simply say, “prove to me that he doesn’t”. Then I click on the next episode. It’s nice to have the TV all to myself every once in a while…

Hope you enjoy my Squatchy character exercise. Oh yes, I can also draw, monkeys, bears, rabbits, dogs and various members of the ape species if you’re in the market.


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