Project Description



Wonderville.com is the flagship product from Learning Core. It offers an easy way for classrooms to connect, collaborate, share media, and access “Smart Galleries℠” full of enrichment content for kids.

Here is what it does:

•Online classroom networks to connect teachers, students and parents.

•Smart Galleries provide in-class and at-home enrichment materials.

•Common Core tracking to help teachers cover the standards.

•Quiz generator that allows kids to earn Smart Badges℠.

•Upload and share classroom photos, videos and messages.

•Personalized learning rooms for every child in class.

The creators of Wonderville.com already had a huge cast of characters they wanted me to draw and bring to life for the site. It was really fun and exciting to sketch these out and see the personalities emerge from the characters. It was always thrilling to finish a set and hear the great responses from the team.