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Work, Dogs, Work


Join head foreman Duke and his crew of worker dogs on a busy day of construction fun in this colorful picture book written and illustrated by James Horvath. With lively scenes showing accurately illustrated vehicles in action, this book will be a joy to read out loud for truck-obsessed readers and their parents! In Build, Dogs, Build, our favorite doggy construction team is pulling down an old building to make way for a new one! Using equipment like cranes, bulldozers, dump trucks, and cement mixers, these busy dogs must race to finish the job in this fun follow-up to Dig, Dogs, Dig.

Book Description

Set the charges and get out of there fast. Shout, “Fire in the hole!” then Top dog Duke and his busy crew have a big day of construction fun ahead of them as they race to repair a road. With miles and miles of new road to lay, our favorite doggy construction team gets to work with equipment like bulldozers, steamrollers, graders, and paving trucks. But what happens when a rocky hill blocks the way? Time to bring in the demolition crew!

With his bouncy verse and bold, colorful illustrations, James Horvath brings the excitement of a bustling construction scene to life. Working hard to keep places connected has never been more fun!

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