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  • Final Packaging

    Final Packaging

This was a project for an Orange County branding agency, Strata-Media http://strata-media.com. Their Client was Sittin Pretty Pet Products. All their products use natural and organic healthy foods to help insure your pets live long healthy lives. Baked in the USA in their natural dog bakery, Sittin Pretty natural baked treats provide maximum flavor and nutrition for your special family member. I created 3 original mascots/characters and some packaging samples. I also created a large point-of-purchase display for the products. I seem to get a lot of dog related jobs...    
  • Skills : Illustration, Design, Layout, Character
  • Release Date : 1999
  • Client : Strata-Media, Sttin Pretty Pet Products
  • Copyright : © 1999
  • Project's Link : Meaty Strips

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